Dental Cosmetic Imaging

If you’ve wondered what your smile would look like after a cosmetic makeover, you can get a preview of your ideal smile with cosmetic imaging. Snap cosmetic imaging is a revolutionary technology allowing Dr. Leizgold to take a photo of your headshot, and as quick as 10 minutes, she utilizes your teeth blemishes to preview how a smile design makeover would look on you.

Get Your Complimentary Cosmetic Imaging Preview Conveniently and Quickly

With ease, Dr. Leizgold can create the cosmetic imaging of your new smile quickly and efficiently. She will make sure your cosmetic imaging preview matches with your charisma and facial features making your smile look natural and lifelike. In three efficient steps, you will have a photo of your ideal smile.

If you have wondered about closing gaps or lightening stubborn stains, a cosmetic imaging preview can motivate you to take the next step. Don’t live your life wondering what your dream smile could be. Ask Dr. Leizgold about your complimentary cosmetic imaging preview, and witness the visualization of a flawless smile.

Dental Cosmetic Imaging

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